The JavaScript library makes it easy to interact with the Placekey API. The source code for this library can be found here.


To insall:

npm install @placekey/placekey

Or with yarn:

yarn add @placekey/placekey


Note: Be careful to note that like the H3 API, the placekey-js API use latitude, longitude order.

Failure to account of this order when interoperating with other geospatial software is a common source of errors, for more information see lon lat lon lat.

import {geoToPlacekey} from '@placekey/placekey';
const [lat, long] = [0.0, 0.0];
geoToPlacekey(lat, long); // => '@dvt-smp-tvz';
import {placekeyToGeo} from '@placekey/placekey';
placekeyToGeo('@qjk-m7r-whq'); // => [-46.0033934397115, -155.09988163615031]
import {placekeyToH3} from '@placekey/placekey';
placekeyToH3('@dpr-6q6-73q'); // => '8a734e64992ffff'
import {h3ToPlacekey} from '@placekey/placekey';

An upper bound on the maximal distance in meters between two Placekeys based on the length of their shared prefix is provided by getPlacekeyPrefixDistanceDict().

  1: 12740000.0,
  2: 2777000.0,
  3: 1065000.0,
  4: 152400.0,
  5: 21770.0,
  6: 8227.0,
  7: 1176.0,
  8: 444.3,
  9: 63.47

Additional Information

More information about this library can be found on Github where you can also submit pull requests, submit bugs, and feature suggestions.