Google Sheets Add On

If you would like to append Placekeys to your dataset without writing any code, directly from Google Sheets, you can use the Placekey Add-on for Google Sheets.

An overview video of the Placekey Add-on for Google Sheets can be found here.


To get started with the Add-on, you'll have to first install it into your Google account directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Once installed, navigate to the Google Sheet you would like to append Placekeys to. You'll see "Add-ons," then navigate to "Placekey," then to "Generate Placekeys."

Next, you'll be prompted to enter in your Placekey API key. If you already have an API key you can retrieve it from your Placekey account. If you do not have an account you can create one here.

After storing your API key, you'll be prompted to map the columns in your dataset to the columns that Placekey requires. You'll be required to map one of two combinations:

  • Street Address + City + Region with optional Postal Code + Location Name

  • Latitude + Longitude

Once you have completed mapping your columns, go select "Generate Placekeys" and it'll start running! You will be told when it is completed and Placekeys will be appended in a new column to the right of your last filled column!