Welcome to Placekey!

About Placekey

You can use the Placekey API to retrieve a Placekey for any location in the world, identifying it by its geographical coordinates or its address. If you give us the name of the place, your Placekey will contain a unique identifier for the POI that's located there.

Placekey helps with entity matching for places and addresses. With Placekey you can dedupe, match, sync, and merge physical places.

Placekey Developer Portal

The Placekey Developer Portal is where you get access to the API, review your usage, and generate API keys.

Placekey Libraries

We have worked with a community to build libraries for Python and Javascript that allow you to perform geometric operations with Placekeys.

Help and Support

If you have any feedback or if you need help, please contact us on https://placekey.io/feedback or email support@placekey.io.